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Architects and Designers- please email us with your Fedex account to receive a box of samples.

We are dedicated to bring the designer's vision to life. 

It all begins with drawings, dimensions, renderings - virtually anything, that may describe the project. We study the clinets stipulations, and get back with solutions.


If sampling process is requested, we develop custom options for you.

Later - the forms are built.

Should more complex objects be envisionsd by the client - we utilize rubbers, resins, foams and CNC technology to get the proper mold for casting.


Experimenting with the medium is the most adventurous part of the fabrication process.  

We apply certain techniques to get desired finishes, but we also adjust the mix to meet specific requirements.The material may be engineered to meet structural needs, or - for instance: to reduce weight.


Virtually any color may be achieved by adding special pigments. If you love concrete in its natural grey tones - some of our standard colors can be viewed here.



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