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Architects and Designers- please email us with your Fedex account to receive a box of samples.

FORM FINISH This is the most popular concrete finish we offer. It is achieved by processing the surface with various grits of diamond impregnated sanding/grinding pads. The finished surface shows slight color and texture variations while it stays pretty uniform and smooth to the touch. If you are looking for trowel finish > click here.
Please contact us to inquire about exposed aggregate, hand press and other custom options to finish your concrete item. See some examples > here.

TROWELED FINISH - beloved by many designers, very natural and organic concrete look. If this is what you are looking for - you are in the right place. This is our favorite way to finish our pieces.

Please note that the small samples may not represent the actual final look- it could be much more mottled, natural color variation often occurs.

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CUSTOM OPTIONS - we love experimenting with the material. It may trully be a cameleon like medium.

Presenting here a few examples of what can be achieved vith various techniques.

Hand pressed concrete, exposed aggregate with glass or stones, metalic finishes.

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