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Architects and Designers- please email us with your Fedex account to receive a box of samples.


Established in 2004, The Concrete Shop is one of the first vendors of artisanal concrete on the East Coast and United States.  Founder Remik Iwuc originally named the studio Remik Studio and was located in the iconic Brooklyn, New York zip code. Remik’s unique, elegant, and innovative design coupled with his personal and dedicated approach to each project quickly gained enthusiasts among New York City designers and architects.  His hand troweled finish was soon recognized as representation of the true and natural beauty of concrete. Each piece represents the raw yet significant beauty of the material.

Presently, Concrete Shop remains a premier boutique studio serving the greater New York metro area. Offering products of varying design to both commercial and residential clients with discriminate tastes and desires to create spaces that evoke thought and adventure remains the staple of our mission.

Currently we offer an array of concrete goods such as, but not limited to, counter-tops, sinks, tubs, wall and floor panels, concrete fireplace surrounds, wall and floor concrete treatments, concrete furniture, planters etc. In addition we thrive on and are inspired by the opportunity to create new, cutting edge designs.

In using  several material types and applications, like GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), HPC ( High Performance Concrete, or traditional wet cast in various finishes and colors, we have the ability to produce the highest quality results for each and every client’s needs and preferences.


Proudly we celebrate the following collaborations with industry partners such as, (in no particular order)


  • D' Apostrophe Design.

  • Dean-Wolf Architects.

  • Raad Studio. link   link

  • The Highline Park - the Friends of the Highline.

  • Emporium Design – Gallery Bar.

  • Lang Architecture.

  • WeWork.

  • Whitney Museum, NY. Renzo Piano.

  • Santiago Calatrava/Festina Lente.

  • Edelman Sultan Knoxwood – NYC Shark Aquarium.

  • Aesop store, Boston.

  • Natura Brasil, NY and NJ stores link

  • Mille Feuille Cafe, 

  • Annapurna Pictures, LA.

  • Gabi Karan – Tutto il Giorno restaurant,

  • The Zinc Building, NYC.

  • Wilfie and Nell Bar,  

  • Penrose bar, NYClink   link

  • Solomonoff Architecture Studio - Park Ave South Lobby link

  • Cadillac Experience Center.

  • Galerie Perreault.

  • Paul Kasmin Gallery.

  • Met Breuer Museum.

  • Yvonne Ferris



Many of these are public entities where our work may be observed at your leisure.  In representation of private projects if there is/are specific pieces you wish to view please contact us so that we may inquire in reference to a permitted and scheduled viewing.







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